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How to get response: My experience


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Getting response on fiverr is not an easy task, like mine, I am providing graphic designing services which is totally common, as new sellers provide cheap services, low quality and dissatisfied work.

IDK but why my logo design gig was not so successful but article writing was. But I am more good at logo creation than the other.

What I noticed that I bid with message for logo design, the same small message like "please refer to my gig and contact me for any query and all"
I used to copy paste the same for every offer i send.

But for article writing I write a full fledge message because what I thought that it is a new gig it should be given attention.

I think that copying and pasting same message will save my time. It won’t. It kills your time searching tricks amd tips to increase sales on google. In return you don’t get anything.

So My experience says spend a lot of time on sending buyers request.
Things to keep in mind while sending requests:

  1. Always keep in mind that the request you are sending can you totally fulfil the expectations of a buyer? If not do not send.
    There are a lot more waiting for you.

  2. Always keep in mind the budget. The budget that you seems best suited to both of you.
    I used to not to consider budget but when I did It really paid me.

  3. Always have a description on your order page, to avoid any confusions and future debates. And adversely affecting the rating.

  4. Try to sell your extras and do not compromise with pricing as your hard work and talent is not worth selling at that much low price. This thing I would also recommend all new sellers to read.

  5. Always satisfy your buyer as he is the king of your busines.

I will also stick to these again as november is so bad for me being my b’day month.


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