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Keeping a not-selling gig


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So I’m typing this at my office right now, and yup, I’m a bit bored.
Today is just one of those day where things are a bit slow.
I guess a good way to kill time is to read and type stuff in the forum!

I’ve been on Fiverr for quite some time now, and I think I’m doing pretty OK.
I don’t make thousands every month like those super sellers, but I am quite happy
with the consistent-enough number of gigs I get.

My translation gig and illustration gig is doing well, and since I like to draw, I
created a new gig where I doodle on photos several months ago.
Personally I thought it was a good/fun idea, but so far, zero sales on that one!

I’m not that disappointed or anything, but it does make me think every now
and then, should I just delete that gig, should I keep it for the heck of it, should I edit it more,
stuff like that.

Has anyone had an experience like this? Did you guys delete it after a few months,
or let it sit there, hoping that it might get its first sale someday?

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I think I read somewhere that your gig’s position in a search is also determined by your other services. More like Fiverr wants sellers to see specialists first and then people who will also do this job for the seller. So if that extra gig is not eating up space that could be used by another gig of yours, I suggest keeping it. No harm.


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