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If you are blocked from sending offers on buyer requests, you can’t fix that unless you bring your rating up. 73% is hard to recover from. All I can suggest is make your prices incredibly low and give a LOT of value. You won’t make
much profit for that time, but you might get enough good reviews to bring your rating up.

Your only other option would be to ask Fiverr if they will close your account and let you open a new one. You’d have to start over as a new seller then.

Added: I looked at your profile, gigs and the bad review. You could still refund that buyer but he or she would have to contact Customer Support personally to remove the review. You could ask, though. You probably should have refunded much earlier.

I’m going to be brutally honest (sorry) and tell you that your gigs are really in very bad shape. The images look like someone else’s work and not even displayed well. Some of your gig titles make no sense. You might want to learn a different skill and work hard to create one or two very good gigs. Get rid of the “borrowed” images and the strangely worded duplicate gigs. That’s honest feedback and I’m not trying to hurt your feelings.

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