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Our game on TV thanks to Fiverr

Guest tonitogames

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Guest tonitogames

A few months ago I joined Fiverr and to be honest I didn’t think I would end up getting any gigs. I am a mobile game developer who wanted to earn some money doing what I liked to do. To my surprise I got a gig my first day, it was a simple app and didn’t take a long time to develop. Things only got better, I started getting more messages and getting more gigs and the next thing I know I was a level 1 seller. The money that I earned from Fiverr was used to finance a game my team and I wanted to make, the game is called Andale Vini and just a few days ago was featured during an interview on the Mexican channel TV Azteca. This was very exciting for us and if you want to see it please click the link below. My experience with Fiverr has been awesome and I think there are more great things to come.


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