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Hey I got a commission but don't know how to respond


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Hi I’m new on fiverr and i got a commission to do clay gnome and 10 of them but i’m having trouble
responding to the client due that I think he wants me to do ceramic clay figurines and I was offering polymer’s clay figurines. should i tell him or her this?also how do i negotate with the commissioner if they want me to do prototypes of the gnomes for a potential mass production?

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Hello, yes of course you should tell him you are offering polymer figurines!
This is all about open honest communication.
Ask the buyer if that is ok what you are offering. If the buyer says no, offer to cancel the sale.
For your second question, it is not about negotiating. It is about offering to do the work at a price you are comfortable with. Let the buyer say either yes or no, and accept their answer.

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