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No order in last 4 month?


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Months have nothing on years.

To answer your question, the category you’re in has a lot of sellers selling similar services. Your description formatting may seem awkward to some viewers.

Sentence 2:
You have a capital ‘W’ instead of a lower case and you’re missing the ‘e’ in copy-paste.

Sentence 3:
‘i’ needs to be capitalized and Content needs a lower case ‘c’.

Sentence 4 to 5:
Blog needs a lower case ‘b’. You need a space after sentence 4.

Instead of ‘order now!’, it needs to be ‘Order Now!’ or ‘Order Today!’.

Outside of that, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t get discouraged.

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I think it is important that those who are seeking writing/proofreading/translation jobs, write their own profile and gigs. It is misleading to buyers to have something written or heavily edited by someone else when you are selling a writing related service, unless you have that same person edit the work you do too!

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I think everything that needs to be said has been said with your writing article.
It’s pretty clear ( and sorry to be straightforward) that your English level is not good enough,
so you shouldn’t be offering writing gigs, at least not in English.

I’d also like to point out something with your logo gig, the car/bike logo is something
taken from the internet which means it’s not your original work, and the other letter “B” logo is not really a logo, and it doesn’t show that you have the appropriate skills.
It would be best to come up with something you are good at.

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