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How to get your first order? [ARCHIVED]


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Getting the first order is a basic problem most of beginners face. So making it easy for beginners to get their first order quickly on fiverr.com, I am going to share my expertise and experience that how to get first order in the very beginning.

I am a professional creative Presentation designer who becomes viral on fiverr.com in the past month and what i noticed is my own pure experience. Follow these can bring you the same results.

  1. Send custom orders to those buyers who have posted the requests.

  2. Attract them with your custom order. Fill your message with the unique service you’re offering.

  3. It is important to convey right and inspiring message to the buyer’s request that how can you help him with his request.

  4. Read the request requirement carefully and then respond…

Get order is not difficult, but you need the right frame of mind. Don’t apply for those jobs who are offering $5 only. Apply to those who offers more than $5. The reason is that when you send custom offers to those who are offering more than $5 and offer that you will provide your services for this project at $5. The chances are they will order you. Because if he is paying more than $5 you should offer him the discount.

When i was new to fiverr.com i was sending the offers but no one was giving me the order so i applied this technique and send the offers to those who need something for that they were paying more than $5.

How i got my first order.

A buyer posted a request that i need ebook to be created of 50 pages with a research he was paying $100 for it. I offered him that i has a wide experiences of making ebook but i am new on fiverr you have to trust me i will do your work in 1 day on $25 he agreed.Then i tired so hard and made his ebook the way he wanted i satisfied him so much so he give me 5 star rating and a tip for great work after that i am able to get a job on daily basis.

First 5 star review is the first step to your success.

These tips will help new beginner to get there first order.

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Hi! Good tips! I constantly look in the buyer requests to see if there’s something I could do, but this seems to be very rare. At least HALF of the so called “buyer requests” are people trying to sell something. Which even that, I don’t understand because you can’t directly contact them anyway.

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I came pretty close to getting one person to think about buying from me via Buyer Requests, and the next day I guess they got banned or something? 😕

Must march on I guess, but it’s getting a little frustrating, since I spend quite awhile thinking how how to reply to the few I find I feel I mightttt be able to do. (and some I’ll still be afraid to approach.) I think I overthink what I want to say to people and make it a more stressful situation for me then it should be. xD;

Guess next time I’ll have to try your tip on lowering the price down for someone offering more though, I’ll see how it works out for me. xD (I was just offering what they asked for xD)

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The number of gigs you have somehow determines the number of Buyer Requests you can view. Create more gigs if you can and try and let your basic gig to be $5. That’s the Fiverr’s Unique Selling Point. Even your gig description is not complete. Just search through other successful gigs in your niche and see how they have been created and follow the same steps, don’t copy them directly but just follow their steps. Work on your English too. Remember in market competition, pricing is the determinant of success. I wish you good luck!

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