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I just Started on Fiverr, Suggestions Needed for getting Started


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Hi. I’ve been on Fiverr for a little over two weeks. I checked out your gig. It looks okay. Art, design, photography are very hard fields to break into on here. Especially for admitted “students”. The reason for that is that the top sellers and Level 2 sellers in those categories are all better than good. Many are professionals moonlighting for extra income. Buyers are going to gravitate to sellers with lots of positive reviews. In fact, Fiverr encourages buyers not to buy from newbies. You should read some of the tips for buyers on here.
My advice . Be patient. Do not get your hopes up for a huge amount of orders. Hope for just one order. If you get lucky and get one. over deliver and hope for an awesome review. Then wait for more. For the most part, success on here takes a lot of time. I had to wait 4 days for my first order. I’ve gotten a few more since then. I set a goal for myself of making an extra $200 and having the funds by Christmas. So far, I am at $120.00 .

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