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How long Fiverr Takes to respond for unfinished orders


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Are you the buyer or seller? You mentioned placing an order (which makes me think buyer) but you said no response from buyer (which makes me think seller.) I don’t see any gigs listed for you though so I’m going to bet on buyer.

Fiverr doesn’t do anything except inform you if a delivery is late, then very late, then ridiculously late. It is up to the buyer to wait for delivery or ask for a cancellation. You said you did get delivery on the 8th, so is there any actual problem? I am not sure what you mean by unfinished if you did get delivery. If you got it, you can just keep the delivery and decide if you want to leave a review or not. If the delivery was OK and just late, you could go the neutral route and leave no review, it’s really up to you.

If you want to still cancel this late after delivery you’d have to get the seller to agree or go through Customer Support, but realize that if you got your order you don’t get to keep it if you cancel. The seller will get the rights back if you ask for a refund and get it. I hope that makes sense and that I understood your question. If not, please clarify your exactly question and problem.

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