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Habitual spam messages


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I have been sent the same message from at least six different accounts in a week or so. The first message is always goes like this…

Them: Hey

Me: Hi!

Them: I have four projects. Are you interested?

Me: (Casual opening conversation lines, questions etc.)

Them: Please contact my boss. Asal dot peek at yandex dot com

The first time I receive this message, I gently explained that Fiverr doesn’t work that way and that they would need to work with me directly through this website.

Every account that has messaged me like this has gotten closed very shortly after.

What are they trying to pull people into? How does this keep happening over and over?

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I also used to get these messages. Initially I kept ignoring and/or reporting them. Once, out of curiosity, I did email… They basically were trying to score a FREE GIG!

Guy were like, you need to show us what you can do… promote my link as sample. If good, we will give you order worth $thousand$ etc etc… I told em to F*** OFF

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