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Single gig sellers get more traffic then multiple gigs sellers?


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I don’t think the answer is yes or no. It varies greatly. It probably has to do with the seller’s strengths. Some people do better in general by focusing on one thing. A seller that comes to mind for me is user @levinewman who got very popular with one gig and still gets a ton of traffic with only 3 closely related gigs.

On the other hand, a seller like @twistedweb123 can display a variety of gigs across a spectrum and seller @madmoo does quite a few across few categories and they both get lots of traffic. I won’t link to them here but you can look up all of those sellers to see. Obviously, the first one seems to prefer a primary featured gig and the other two find multiples to be a good fit.

I think that it’s good for new sellers to start out with 1 or 2 unless they feel strongly about being capable of managing several gigs. It’s good to get some reviews doing 1 or 2 things well since starting with a full 7 could mean getting overwhelmed or delivering late. After learning the ropes there is room to experiment with how you work best.

For some people that will always mean one gig or at least one category. For others that could mean 15 gigs across a few categories or subcategories. For me personally, my analytics improve when I have more gigs up, but if I start to feel crunched for time, I shelve all but my best gigs.

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Actually, that is something kind of bizarre I have noticed. I have about ten different gigs. All pretty solid gigs and I’m a Level 2 seller with terrific feedback - all 5-star enthusiastic reviews. However, Fiverr has chosen to feature only TWO of my gigs in their search parameters. They get thousands of views per month and tons of orders. But the rest of my gigs, you practically need a microscope to find them in search and I rarely, if ever, get orders on them. I have thought about setting up a secondary account to see if I would get orders on those gigs that way, but that would mean giving up my Level 2 status and all of my positive feedback on that new account. I wish I had an answer, but for right now, I’m just sitting tight hoping things will eventually change with all the new changes they are putting out.

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