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Client having trouble changing/removing feedback they left


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This is simple … or should be.

A client was very satisfied with my video work and left a 5 star rating for his video.
When I looked at the script order for that same video I noticed a 3.5 rating but a great review.

So I asked them if that was a mistake and if I could have done anything better to get a higher star rating.

The client has confirmed that they did not mean to give me less than 5 stars but its been 2 days now and I cant figure out how to help them change it.

I hate to ask support to do this because its just not a big deal , but I dont know how much its effecting my gig other than it now being rated a 4.9 instead of 5.0… So i want to fix that.

How do I tell my client how to remove their feedback?

They said they can go to the previous order and see the feedback but they are unsure how to remove it.

There used to be a bit of “red” text that allowed them to “Replace/Remove” the feedback … I remember it being kind of hard to see … like maybe it was pink or something… But the client cannot see it.

How do I instruct them to change their rating without it going to fiverr support and having them make a complete mess of things? I hear that any time they help you out with a gig problem like this they end up making it worse or it ends up penalizing your gig.

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