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Optimizing Your Gig Extras [Webinar]


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Dear Mate,

Few Tips.

1:- Increase your Fiverr Activity - That means be active on Fiverr website . Keep it open whenever possible (Will Increase your Online Availability Rate)

2:- Fiverr is also a website like any other . Seo Plays a major role in getting hits to your profile on Fiverr. Make sure your content is genuine,is attractive and SEO Friendly as per keywords.

3:- Enbedd Video in Gig and pictures

4:share your gig on social media

5:- Have Multiple Gigs. You never know which service will sell.

6:- Offer 24 hours delivery at no extra charge as u are new you may have time to deliver fast .

Dear Friend i hope God Blesses u and u start getting some good orders hear.

Thank you Fiverr.

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