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Read This Before You Say Wrong Thing About Sellers


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Hi Fiverrs, I am a seller but this short note is not intended to defend fellow sellers or accuse buyers whatsoever.
I have been on Fiverr for more than 13 months and my experience so far has been great. I have worked with few people from different parts of the world and i have realized what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive micro job platform.

As a seller, one of the major challenges is how to get buyers on a regular basis. For me it is not just how to get buyers, but how to get honest buyers who appreciate good work.

Recently i have seen many buyers complaining about sellers, and some are forced to call out names despite the fact that Fiverr go against such behaviors. Yes, it is true that some sellers are guilty of the allegation, however, in most cases, buyers are guilty as well.

There are many sellers on Fiverr who have attained the highest levels of education in their field, likewise many who don’t even know what it takes to deliver gig in their category. The basic price for each service on Fiverr starts at $5, which means that buyers cannot get anything less than that. However, you can pay as much as $10,000 to get your work done!

Due to stiff competition many sellers take orders that are worth more than the price, and work hard to give the best. But unfortunately, there are limits to what anyone would deliver for $5. At this time you need to forget about what you bargain for if clearly the work is worth $50 and you paid $5.

When Buyers Should Not Complain

  1. If multiple sellers contact you and offer their prices, then you need to rethink about the cheapest and the highest bid before awarding the project. For instance, if 8 sellers responded to your request for “website exactly like Facebook”, and they bid as follows: $1,200, $3,000, $1,350, $1,500, $1,000, $1,400, $1,250, and $300 you need to think twice before awarding the contract. I know many buyers will immediately order from the seller whose bid is $300. If you’re the one, you don’t need to complain even if the buyer takes 90 days to reply your messages. Ideally, the best offer in this situation is $1,350.

  2. If a seller promises to GIVE something (maybe a list) for $5, and your request is to “FIND” something, which other sellers have requested that you pay $50, you don’t need to complain even if the seller give you what he has delivered to hundreds of buyers.

  3. When you order without contacting the seller, and he offers you gig extras based on your request, which you later declined. You just have to accept what he delivers if it correspond to the gig descriptions.

  4. When you tell a seller to download and use any free image, you don’t need to complain even if the copyright owner drags you to court.

  5. When you order gig and go offline for weeks without responding to the seller’s messages, you just have to accept the gig without complaining about the seller because he/she has tried to communicate with you.

When Buyers Should Complain

  1. When you give the detail information about what you want the seller to do, and paid the amount he/she asked for, yet the seller deliver fake/poor job. You can complain or even ask for a refund if this happens to you.

  2. When the seller tells you that project “A” will cost $5, and later add $10, $20, $30 without you adding more request. In this situation, you can request the seller to cancel the order.

There are other instances when a buyer needs to complain or even report sellers, but i won’t be able to list more.

Few Tips for Buyers

  1. Always take the screenshots of gig description before you buy a gig. Some smart sellers would put “A” in their gig description and later change it to “B” after you might have order. Although Fiverr can easily track the changes for you when there’s despute, but the screenshot can help you resolve issues faster.

  2. Be careful with those who send custom offers immediately you contact them. For instance, you contact a seller if he can help you “speak with Obama and record the conversation” and the next thing you get is “Hi, this is the custom offer for the job. please accept it so that i can do the work”

  3. Before you place order worth $100 and above, make sure that the seller understood your request.

  4. Don’t buy gig and tell the seller to check your requirements on the previous conversion (inbox). Copy the request and send it to them via the order page.

  5. Try to reply your sellers when they need more information from you. In some cases, when sellers start working on projects, they tend to seek more information from the buyer. some may discover something that would benefit you and ask for your approval before they proceed.

Happy shopping!

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Well, lately I’ve been making low bids on the Buyer’s Request section to get orders. I see nothing wrong with that, today you pay me $5, tomorrow you might pay me $15, $25, or $50.

I realize some projects are worth more than $5, but if you think about it, there is always something you can sell for $5. If you’re a web designer, maybe I’ll pay $5 to see 5 ideas for websites. Then when I see an idea I like, we can negotiate the cost of building the website.

Think of the series Mr. Selfridge, based on real events. Mr. Selfridge saw that his store had a reputation for being an expensive place, so he issued a challenge to all the department heads, he told them every department should have an item that can be bought with a penny or farthing, I’m not familiar with British currency, but that’s not the point. The point is Mr. Selfridge wanted everyone to find something to buy, even if it was a pencil or a needle. He knew you can make a lot of money from selling something cheap, many times.

In conclusion, don’t focus on making $3,000 from one order, instead, consider that $100 times 100 is $10,000.

Here’s a useful Chart

Day Month Total
$30 30 900
$40 30 1200
$50 30 1500
$60 30 1800
$70 30 2100
$80 30 2700
$90 30 2700
$100 30 3000
$150 30 4500
$200 30 6000
$250 30 7500
$300 30 9000
$400 30 12000

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Yes you’re right, and i think that’s the reason why everything here on Fiverr starts at $5. However, many buyers are here to solve all their problems with $5, which is not possible whatsoever.

Irrespective of your selling status here, you have to do something worth $5 except you are among the few sellers whose base price is higher. Basically, what i want is for buyers to always read gig descriptions, and note sellers behaviors before before or after buying gigs.

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I think the most obvious (goes without saying really) tip for buyers is to READ the Fiverr TOS/FAQ first and then when they’re clear on those to read (if applicable) the sellers Buyers Instructions, as too many of us are getting fed up with buyers who simply don’t or choose not to read any of the above first. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to tell buyers to send me a msg first before ordering a gig or to fill out the requirements and send me the necessary information to complete the gig, not too mention that I don’t deal outside Fiverr either and all of the other stuff that could all be easily solved and save me the hassle of having to repeat myself umpteen times if they simply READ everything first! 😛

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You got my points! We took our time to put up the instructions so that things can work out well for both of us. But unfortunately, as you’ve said, many buyers don’t and won’t read the instructions.

What baffles me most of the time is that some of those who cannot spare 40 seconds to read full gig description are the one who will give sellers heavy files to digest before they can place order.

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