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Buyer use harsh language and post negative review


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From checking out your gig and your buyer’s comment, plus your own comments. I think I pieced this situation together. Your buyer order a gig for you to design a web page for them. The buyer asked you to do a web page for them just like the one you have pictured on your gig. (You even say as much.) That should have been easy to do. Especially since you created the web page you posted an example of , right ? Obviously, you must not have created a website like the one you have pictured, so you got a bad review. Instead of complaining, I would have have offered to redo the website the right way and throw in a few extra amazing graphics and stuff for the client. It might have saved you the bad review. By the way, your gig has a lot of grammar errors. Probably because you do not have a good grasp of English. I would work on cleaning up those errors, right away. Those errors paired with your bad review or reviews will not do your credibility any good.

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