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How to filter out ruthless buyers who love slaves


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The story is the same, almost the same with every seller when speaking about bad toxic buyers…

You get a lovely message from a buyer who appears to have a strong willed and a powerful need for your gig, they might even tell you they have a lot of orders for you, they even try to break fiverr policy by asking to s***e or email or whatever, promising you something from nothing in return for the lowest bid…

Then after your hard work, your new gig or new seller excitement, when the gig is complete they turn into a complete toxic ugly and weak looking customer, or worse yet you get a glowing review and then 2 weeks later a message from Fiverr saying one of your buyers just placed a paypal dispute and that hard earned money you were watching in your “pending clearance” vanishes into the void of the internet’s black hole of refunded money that never really was actually in your hands to start with.

Beware of buyers who approach you with very little information on the work duties they are asking from you, always ask for specifics before offering a custom quote.

Here is ONE simple question that helps you weed out these toxic sneaky buyers.

  1. Ask them “Are you looking for the lowest bidder or do you actually have a set budget in mind”.

They can answer in three ways:

“I have an open budget”

First of all NO ONE has an open budget, there is no such thing, everyone has a budget, from the smallest single owner of a small business or whatever to the giant corporations like apple, mcdonalds, and the such. If they don’t have a budget in mind then they either are already willing to pay the highest market value dollar for the product or service or just don’t have their business straight. Make sure you find out which one it is to give you an idea of how much work you should put into this client. If they are just looking for you to give a custom quote make sure you get the complete scope of work and tell them you need a complete scope of work and that you don’t offer “blind custom offers”.

If they say they are looking for the lowest bidder, then from this point you tell them how you feel about being the lowest bidder, that you can work with them on that price range given the time and standard of service you wish to give them. Tell them you like to price compare to beat your competition or bonuses or whatever to give a competitive edge to win the bid.

“Looking for the lowest bidder of gigs”

WARNING: If you sell as the lowest bidder, its best you know how this person works and what they will demand on your part as your duties in what would be considered a completed job. I would suggest NOT offer the lowest bid to NEW customers, tell them you would like to work with them on offering the lowest bid AFTER they have ordered a couple of gigs or however many gigs you think it will take to work with them.

“I just really like your gig and you specifically”

Well this is one of the best things they can say to you because it means they want to really work with you because they really liked your gig and you specifically, these customers are good to work with as a lowest bidder but they will be happy to compensate you after they see your great work. These are the buyers that will more than likely tip you big. (D@MN the fiverr limit on tips!)

Okay I’m tired now. Going off to my parallel world where I am the king of the earth and all of you are my slaves, ironic right? of course I mean in dream land.

Oh and if you reply guys on here, my name is Joey not OP.

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