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Turning down orders without impacting rank?


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Is it possible to mutually cancel an order without it impacting my rating? I’m about a month into selling on Fiverr and occasionally people order content that I realllly don’t think I’m the best candidate to write. For instance, topics that I don’t agree with, or things that I’m not entirely comfortable doing, like writing an About page for a new business and following a buyers request to make it sound like they’ve been around for a long time. Or “SEO writing”… it’s just not my style and I don’t care to do it. It sits in my queue until the day its due and takes three times as long to complete simply because I have zero interest in doing it. Yet other sellers on Fiverr might do a better job and happily whip it out in no time.

I’ve had about 40 orders so far and this has only happened a few times. I’ve enjoyed writing a good many things that didn’t interest me personally simply because I enjoy learning. There was one time I mutually cancelled because the content was something that I didn’t agree with from a moral perspective. But what about the other “ugh, I really don’t look forward to this” kind of jobs? How much influence does mutually cancelling have on my rank, especially if I’m aiming for Top Seller rank eventually? Or is it only if the buyer cancels the order that it affects me? Please help me understand this.


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