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The dark side of Fiverr


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I have heard a lot of bad stories about Fiverr, but nevertheless decided to try this service.

The first experience was positive. I found a top-seller and ordered copyright gig. The job was delivered in time, and the seller responded promptly.

Than I ordered more copyright work ($200) and asked the seller to deliver it part-by-part. What had happened is that the seller stopped the communication in the middle without any prior notification. I contacted the customer suppport, they promised to deliver the answer within 1-3 day, the week had been passed and I’m still waiting…After reading what the world says about Fiverr customer support (Fragglesrock) I can believe that they block the account of the seller for some reasons and she can’t even answer me. However, I didn’t find any phone or even chat to contact their representative (do they exist !?)

I even don’t know what should I do now…Anyone who reads this post - think twice before ordering professional services on such a crabby site!

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