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As a seller who has been here for over a year, I have to say I am extremely disappointed. I find it is very hard to use, and the “to do” list is a mess. The gigs that are at the top of the rating on the normal fiverr don’t even appear on the new one. I’m sad to say that my Fiverr days may be behind me if changes aren’t made. I think a lot of buyers and sellers will be lost if V2 remains how it currently is.

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I am confused. I’ve been using V2 for 24 hours now, and I always see the same gigs when I search for my related keywords. Come on!!

What’s the point? Always the same gigs in ‘‘auto’’ mode? I thought this V2 would be ‘‘fair’’ for new and old sellers. How on earth are we supposed to get orders if the gigs never rotate? Only a handful of sellers will get orders. Come on!!

I know, I know, beta, beta. But if this is a beta, why on earth are they giving access to everybody? Even buyers are now able to use V2 with all those bugs. Come on!!

They are even giving instant access to anybody who share the news on Facebook. That means that anybody, yes ‘‘anybody’’ can use V2 even without being on the waiting list. Did you guys know that? Come on!!

Yes, again… Come on Fiverr!! You are killing your own site with all these ‘‘bugs’’, or should I say '‘bad decisions’'

I still have faith in you Fiverr. Don’t let us down. 🙂

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