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New Fiverr #GigPackages & Go Beyond $5


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Hi all!

I’m totally getting excited about this new features! Finally we can start a gig worth more than $5. What do you guys think about this new features from Fiverr? Happy or Not?

Let’s admit it, in the 1st world country, I draw a portrait at least takes 1 hour, $5 ( minus $1 for Fiverr commission it only $4). $4 not included Paypal & bank withdrawal fee… it’s just not enough to overcome today’s high price economy world.

Sure you can said $5 gig work you shouldn’t spend more than 30 mins, but hey, some service out there, like my portrait drawing service, if I just sketch few lines & sell in $5, do you think anyone will pay $5 for that? Probably not… and some people wish see what the quality you have by trying out your service starting with $5 then they proceed with Extra upgrade.

That’s why I happy with the new #GigPackages & go beyond $5 base gig!


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