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How to hire a right person for your task [archived]


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First of all this post is inspired by one buyers story on this same Forum. It made me think a bit and I decided to write this and hope it will help a bit to all buyers. Day after day there is a lot of a bad experiences written by buyers about Fiverr sellers. I don t want when a new buyer comes here on a forum makes a conclusion all us sellers are same, scamy etc; because we are not. Even sometimes the ones about who you are reading a bad stories might be a good seller, just not the right one for a job buyer needed to get done. So fallow some of this key-points and I think you will be happy and satisfied with services provided here.

    -You as a buyer know what kind of a task you want to get done. Before placing an order after you choose a seller, explain your task to them and ask them how would they do it. Let every seller to show you they actually posses key skills for a task and at least a basic knowledge. For example if you are ordering a SEO service and Social Media services ask them to explain you what SEO is with their own words and check how much familiar they are with a current social media. If you are hiring a designer ask them about tools they will use and ideas they have, if you are hiring a writer just talk about anything to see their writing skills and how much they are close with a topic you need to be written. Now some sellers usually see that type of a approach as waste of time, but actually it is opportunity for us sellers to prove you how our feedback and reviews are true, and of course to prove ourselves as a right person for a job.

    Sellers which value their work and are aware of input of a time and effort into something have a higher price then basic GIG for a complete task. Sometimes we all get dragged into marketing tricks where ever we go in life, and when someone is offering you a miracle for a really low low price, ask yourself how is that possible and then before a placing an order have a conversation with a seller as I described above. For an example if you need ebook cover, someone can do it in 5 minutes (yup, 5 minutes) by just downloading some image from internet and putting a title on it, then someone can do it in few hours, by asking you for a book summary, reading, talking with you and on the end you get a cover you envisioned. If you need your web or something tweeted or posted on fb, yeah someone can give you 1000 views in an 10 minutes, ask yourself are those real views or bots? It takes time and effort to do a real traffic (even though I have a poor knowledge about it, but I use google to learn things I don t know about)

    Let your seller (or sellers) to do a basic GIG sample for you. Order basic, and see how it looks like if you think that is what you need purchase an extras and get your work finalized.

    It is important to read a GIG, so you know what is basic, what is extra and what the seller can or can t do, if something is not clear to you , message a seller and talk with them.

    Read it, don t just agree, that way you will know your rights, sellers right, whats ok to do, what is not ok to do.

Yeah CS can be a bit slow, but they do their job, and they are good at it. Let them help you, explain your case, don t just bash a seller, there is always an option of misunderstanding. Be fair and think clear. Even though sometimes you don t get what you wanted from a seller, seller still put a lot of a time and effort into it, so just think about how maybe it is partially your fault to, because you hired them without an interview or testing their skills.

Hope this helps, and in future we shall see less posts about bad sellers and bad buyers. Remember communication is a key in this type of outsourcing jobs.

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It just a perfect article…!
I was so lucy to get an offer 1st day. But my clint is not so responsive…! He replied my question 2times in 3 days…!
I made a business card for him 1st day but no response from him…! What should i do ? It’s hv 5 hours to end the order!

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Well you delivered your work, you can t make someone responsive. Even though if you delivered your work you wouldn t have a timer going on, I think your client asked for a revision. Do you see an orange like a line on top of your order with him and it says your buyer requested a modification? If so, do revision, if they didn t leave you a feedback on to change what, do design all over again, with a different concept. That is what I would do. And good luck 🙂

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Very interesting post indeed. I appear to be stuck with the opposite problem. As buyer I’ve sent three request messages to three sellers (one on 16th Nov and two on 20th Nov). And guess what, no response from the sellers. Yep, all three of them! I’m grappling to understand why… I really dont think its that onerous for either seller or buyer to respond in timely manner. By analogue, this is equivalent to somebody advertising their services/business, you walking into their business premise to procure the services and them plain-out ignoring you… At this point Im totally stumped. Any advice regards solving this ‘no response’ mystery are welcome…

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It can be few reasons why you don t get response sometimes: a) sellers is in different time zone (sometimes I respond up to 8 hours later, due to time difference and I was sleeping), b) seller is overload with work from other buyers and not interested (there is no excuse, I think answering is important, for both sellers and buyers, that is how we build a relationship), c) seller is on vacation mode.

Now advice. Before you send message to sellers, read the GIG you are interested in, some sellers prefer to be messaged before (I often put that note in my GIGs), but some sellers particular don t want to be messaged, they prefer GIG order and that is it. I actually even though I am seller, twice ordered a GIG from fiverr, both times my sellers didn t communicate with me, just delivered job. Their service was SEO and traffic I needed for my website. So, maybe it depends on service too, weather sellers wants to communicate. If you are as well a person who likes to build up relationship with sellers and trough communication be sure you are hiring a right person for your task, choose sellers who have notes in GIGs as Message me for additional information etc… This is a sort of society for its on, and every individual functions different, that is why we all have an option to pick and choose who do we want to work with. In this thread I posted advice to buyers from my point of view, I did in time wrote similar for sellers too, but it is my point of view and how I work, we are not all the same.

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This thread is not made in purpose of self advertising, can you edit that and remove your link, and advertise on place provided for that --> My gigs section of forum?
This is a section for helping so what to buyers and I find it inappropriate to spam here with our GIGs…

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