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Fiverr Seems Biased Toward Buyers


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I am a faithful Fiverr seller and have been able to consistently make over $1500 a month since I began on here, but that hasn’t been without its issues. Do any experienced sellers have any advice?

It seems to me that Fiverr is biased toward buyers while making the seller experience very difficult sometimes. I’ve had so many buyers manipulate and leave negative reviews for no reason, or simply not send necessary info for an order and then blame me for not delivering. I’ve also done way too much free work for people who threaten to leave a negative review for absolutely no reason other than they are conniving and using people on here to get free quality work. These reviews can definitely impact our business but Fiverr has the policy of not deleting them unless the buyer agrees. I’m not sure that is fair considering the situation. Granted, if the negative review is warranted and has a justified reason that’s one thing, but when it doesn’t it shouldn’t be allowed.

Also, I find it difficult to have to constantly cancel orders because buyers either don’t read the gig description and expect more than I can or am willing to do, or they don’t supply proper info. I think Fiverr should treat sellers with the same respect they treat buyers, have fair policies, and I do think there needs to be some sort of ability for sellers to approve orders before they initiate. Perhaps buyers can make an order but the seller needs to hit “approve” or deny and explain why.

I’m getting beat down feeling and would love advice from other sellers on how to handle these things.

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