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Fiverr rating system is total BS


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I have a gig where I post 10k videos on buyer’s wordpress website.

This particular buyer ordered my gig and when I tried to post, the website started acting weird.

Realizing I can’t complete this because of hosting error on buyer’s end, I asked for cancellation. But he denied and started requesting me to do it any how.

I tried again and failed due to server errors and told him that it’s not going anywhere and he should cancel the order.

Well he did cancel but gave me 1 star and wrote I failed to deliver on time.

How on earth was I late if the buyer don’t meet the requirements? What was I supposed to do? Buy a hosting for him hostgator and give him for free with the order? What does fiverr expect in this situation?

Hell I don’t even have the option under his comment on the gig to defend myself!

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Did you take screenshots of the error? This would greatly help but document everything and state your case to CS, the review system isn’t there to indiscriminately punish.

So in order for the buyer to leave a review, this order went into very late? The best action is to contact CS when something like this gets out of hand with the buyer and their unreasonable behaviour. It will still go into late as I suspect they kept declining the cancel but CS will (should, depending on the full details) eventually cancel the order for you.

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