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I Will Improve Your Gig Titles For Free


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Being a Buyer as well as a Seller has given me a lot of insight into why some people don’t get any orders. One of the things that puts me off buying from people is when their title and/or description is written poorly.

If the title is not clear about what they are offering - I will not even click it
If the spelling, grammar, punctuation is very bad - I will not order
If the description does not show what the gig includes - I will not order (I MIGHT send a message)
If your extras are overpriced or unclear - I will not order these
If your pictures are rude, objectify women, weird, unrelated to the gig - I will not order

I know this sounds very negative but it is the truth and you need to know this because I think I am probably like the average buyer. However, I am also a seller and know it can be difficult to set your profile and gigs up correctly so here is what I am offering as a helping hand to you.

Simply send me a message asking me to look at your gigs and I will respond, when I can, with suggestions for your gig titles - For Free, No Charge and No Obligation to use them!
(Please don’t just comment, send me a message by clicking on my name, I don’t want to have to keep checking the forum)

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So far, only 6 People have messaged me for help with their gigs. I want to help more people. Simply send me a message (not a comment) and I will respond with suggestions to improve your gig titles. I also offer a service to proofread your profile and all your gigs, check it out by clicking on my name.
I am a native English speaker and specialize in proofreading and translation.

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