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What happens when I click the report button on the forum?


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On the new forum (released mid-October 2015) you can see a report hyperlink at the top of every post and comment. If you click that button, it shows up to forum Moderators/Admins as “reported” with no other detail.

When to use report?

Ideally “report” should be used to let the forum team know if there is a post or comment that violates the forum rules. If the comment is external spam, people posting ads in wrong categories (other than My Fiverr Gigs,) users calling out other buyers or sellers by name, etc.

When not to use report?

In general, report is not best used for situations like these: disagreement with a post even though it isn’t a forum rules violation, as an attempt to reply to the post, or very important - as a way of calling attention to your own post so an admin will see it due to a Fiverr ticket or main domain problem.

This last bit is important since forum admins cannot look up or escalate your tickets and usually cannot help you with problems or questions regarding gigs, general Fiverr troubleshooting, etc. Our main role is for forum issues and if you report a post instead of using Customer Support, this won't help you and may also slow down the ability of the forum team when getting rid of spam or helping with other forum rules issues. I hope this helps and feel free to respond with questions. I'll keep the topic open for a bit in case there are misunderstandings.
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