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I'm a buyer, so I am a GOD or BOSS?


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With due respect to all fiverr BUYER, pointing to few of them those think they are GOD as they are PAYING! As a seller this is most pathetic and heartbreaking feelings i’ve ever experienced. Few buyer ordered and start behaving like a Boss! WHY we can’t be FRIEND each other? DON’T you know all sellers in fiverr can also be a BUYER? They can also order gigs and pay someone as like you?

The person who is good, good in all area. There are many good buyer in fiverr, I salute them, I respect them and i accept them as my friend as i know they are good in their personal life as well. Let make fiverr more friendly place by reducing the gap between buyer and seller.

Thank you all!

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yes some buyers are like you say and in my opinion there are too much with an “unacceptable” behavior. This is quite sad and annoying, but it is not a “Fiverr problem” in my opinion. It is the society in general evolving that way… and every tool called “social” is helping them, cause they can hide behind some written words, and don´t need to show their “real face”.


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A buyer is a client. A boss would be taken to court for some of the behavior displayed by so-called buyers here, while God, however you wish to call him, would simply not behave like that unless it was a really complicated Sunday school lesson subject to human fallibility and interpretation.

And Hell(lol), we all know how human interpretation works when it gets convenient…

I agree with both the commenters above. Kindness and understanding makes everybody’s dollars work a lot faster, so there’s benefits for all. Don’t be the dollardouche. Everyone hates the dollardouche.

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A buyer is A Client… NOT God or Boss…if they think they are then let them go and get feeling of BOSS anywhere else 🙂

There is one thing most important and that is CRM (Customer Relationship management)… If you know tips and trick for maintain your relation with your client. then you may be next TRS…🙂

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"WHY we can’t be FRIEND each other? "

Because friendship has to be proven, you’re not my friend if you demand one revision. Then if I give it to you, you better not demand a second revision. That just makes me mad.

Buyers don’t seem to realize that we don’t have unlimited time. When you demand a revision, you’re hurting me, and I might revise just to keep the $10. When you demand a second revision, it’s like being raped, it’s adding insult to injury.

Personally, this isn’t how I treat sellers. I will only demand one revision. Afterwards, I accept the work, maybe I hire someone else to do what seller 1 couldn’t do.

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Some are really friendly with me, and other’s think that since they paid one gig I am going to spend hours and hours working with them, and in cases like that you have to know when to set apart friend from client in those regards. I usually get along with those that seem to have a bigger budget than just one Fiverr gig.

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Personally, I just cancel the orders of people who try to make out that they are my boss. I’m not an employee of anyone. My business is me. I’m a freelancer and if you order something off me I’m no more your staff than the lady you bought your milk off this morning.

In fact, coming from a managerial background I actually see traits in people who try to micromanage me on Fiverr that I actually used to demote people for and fire in my real world career. I wasn’t a hard ass boss by any means, I just hate ego driven idiots who don’t know what they are doing and so I refuse to entertain them. Time is money after all.

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There are many smart and talented people on this site, but not very professional when it comes to the customer service. I’m having a major issue with my web developer I hired. Unfortunately it’s not easy to work with people, but if you decided to go into the business that based on contracting with a client that actually pays you money you need to bight your pride and service your paying client and if you keep on dumping clients just because you are too sensitive then you shouldn’t be in business. Some of the buyers couldn’t unreasonable, but we are on the schedule and paying you our money and they don’t grow on the tree. My developer want even provide with proper receipt for what she bought on additional $200.00! I asked to do some very manor cosmetic changes a several times, but guess what… and this is just a beginning. Let stop being a sensitive babies and work together with respect and understanding of each other needs.

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As a buyer who ordered 24 hour express delivery for a one day event where timing was crucial, the seller waited until the very last minute of the 24 hours and marked the order complete without sending me anything.

I was very kind and patient in my message explaining he must have forgotten my product when he sent the message, “Here’s your product. I hope you like it. Here are my other gigs you can buy. Leave me a five star review because my business depends on customers like you” and then a bunch of links to his other gigs.

And still no order.

I just want my order!

So the day of the event passed and I ended up losing out because it wasn’t delivered at all even though I bought that gig extra for 24 hours express delivery.

My money was tied up with fiverr for two days while I took the seller at his word only to be lied to.

And yes, it is a lie if he promised delivery within 24 hours and then never delivers anything at all. Not every truth is going to tickle the ear and be what the seller wants to hear all the time. If you scam me, you will be held accountable.

It’s not “no big deal” or anything to just laugh off. There was a one time event that depended on the important deadline he advertised he was capable of meeting and then he just didn’t deliver…at all.

Needless to say, I do NOT agree that “all sellers want to satisfy their buyers.”

That is only the attitude of the good ones.

It’s obvious some of them just want to do the least possible they think they can get away with doing because no one wants to confront them on their bull or hold them accountable for fouling up the customer’s schedule.

It’s not my responsibility to adjust my expectations. It was the seller’s responsibility to deliver on or before the deadline he promised.

I don’t expect this to be a very popular post after reading how sellers think their customers are being too demanding like a boss or God.

I don’t have to be a boss or God to reasonably expect delivery of my order as promised.

It’s not the buyer’s fault when the seller scams them out of their time and ties up their money for days while they wait for the order to cancel.

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Sir you exactly said that what we junior sellers feels.
We felt like we are begging any body
No beacause we have a skill talent and they need of us.
We provide $30 material here in just $5
But as you said some regular big buyers are really freindly i appreciate and thanks them

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Amen …

Another thing that chaps me and prompted me to make a 3 page post in the buyer’s tip section was this…

Buyers sometimes reject the order when it’s completed well. They reject it for modification and additions. And when we say “Sure thats fine , lets complete this order first since it’s been done successfully for the cost specified” – They reject it again and again.

We just try to follow protocol. You order, we deliver. You like it , accept it.

Dont use the reject button to make changes … the reject button is for something not being delivery via the original terms + cost of the order.

Drives me absolutely up the wall when buyers just want to make their own rules here.

@atiqbd4ever - Move on from those people the best way you can.

  1. Its better for your account to just reject the order yourself and be done with the client… give them the refunr and ignore the client.
    Why? - Because if you have significant problems with them… chances are you are going to get a bad rating. And that bad rating isnt worth $5 , $10 , $15 , or Even $20 sometimes. Its just not worth it …

  2. The best way to do this would be to start by offering the cost of whatever they want (if they wanted an addition to the order or change) … Utilize the order screen to add to the order for their new requirements… And right after you send that … Cancel the order…

When they see it , they’ll be able to either accept the order cancellation and be done with you… or they will accept the extra cost and maybe they wont rate you bad… MAYBE …

Hence why I’d just go with option 1 anyway…

If a buyer is a pain in the ass … get them out of your life as soon as possible. Right from the start …

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As in our case as well. Big spenders tend to treat you much much better and come back for more. The little $5 - $10 -$15 people mostly drive me nuts. It actually falls off after $10 significantly … I mean … most people willing to spend at least $15 wont really give me a hard time…

If someone has an issue with an extra $5 charge to the order for some extra that they want (and it’s clearly outlined in the gig how much it costs) … Then it may be better off to just cancel the order. As they WILL be a problem buyer. No doubt.

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Actually i like too much talking (Friendly Taking) with my buyers. So when i like talking they become my friends. They bring me more work and tip also 🙂 :). These little symbols only can show that you are a honest and good behavior person. Otherwise just with simple dry text you can’t prove that what kind of you are 🙂
So what you are feeling about me with this message 🙂 Yes you are right. So explain yourself instead of just talking rude only about order.

Gave them some good advise about their business. They (buyers) will come close to you.

I you are really solving their problems you are helpful for them and no one is loosing any helpful person.

I will say again that these simple 🙂
Thank You 🙂

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