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Joind 3 days ago & already making sales!


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Hi guys!

I joined fiverr exactly 3 days ago! I already managed to get sales even though my category is very competitive.

I thought of sharing my experience here so far.

I prepared for the same for more than a week. Few thing I did,

  1. Though &; decided of a area which I’m really good at.

  2. Checked out the most-successful sellers and most unsuccessful sellers in that category.
    This is your playing filed. It is impotent to how others are achieving. But it is VERY important to know why most are failing.

  3. Did a keyword research.

  4. Came up with profile / tagline / gig name / gig description.

  5. Designed gig images.

That was the hard part. I have to be my best at this point. Just don’t put something and say I’m not getting sales. To get something you have to do something.

Now let’s talk about what I did after joining fiverr.

  1. Try to get views / clicks. No matter how. You have to be creative.
  • Obviously forum is a great place. Add some curiosity when marketing your gig under “My Fiver Gigs” category. Don’t just put your gig title. Curiosity will compel other to check your gig.

  • Use buyer requests facility.
    This is the only way you can interact with potential buyers within fiver. Use it wisely.

  • Happy! Got the first sale. 🙂
    This is the turning point. Don’t care about money. Just delight the customer. Offer anything he wants.

Continue above up to 10 orders may be.

Once you get listed you will automatically will be in the path.

Set goals.
Achieve your goals
Evaluate your goals.
Be grateful about how you achieved your goals.

I know there is a tough road ahead. But I don’t want to go there alone.

That’s the pure reason in sharing this experience.

Happy selling fellows.!!!

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Like you, I have been here for 3 days. However, I do not have any sales, yet, and only 7 views. I’ve tried all of the tips I have come across in the forums. Keywords, social media, buyer requests, etc. Given the pic, I’d guess you are about half my age. Maybe young and cute has something on age and experience on this site.

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Hi wordsbypeggy,
I don’t think so! Majority of my buyers are ladies.

My point of view we must offer them something we they can’t refuse.
If your gig is going to fall under general bunch with usual stuff it won’t stand out.

Hope you will catch up with sales soon!

Best of luck!

PS: Be patient and don’t give up!

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See when a Female Seller asks/Shares her story… People go mad and share their wishes and comments happily… (Lol) anyways the world is like that i have got used to it now…

@tenishadekker This is nothing against you… very happy for you…all the best and have a great time on Fiverr ! Good Luck ! Very nice Gig Pics… will surely work with you some day

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