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Too many bad buyers!


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Guys I had some bad experiences these days. Confusions just appear, we don`t want them, but they appear sometimes, however is our duty to solve them. I always do my best to solve any problem and I usually succeed. However I cannot understand why are so many id***s. They leave negative reviews, they ask for the payment back for idiotic reasons and they do this AFTER delivery, they give 2, 3 or 4 stars but in the comment section they say everything was perfect without explaining why only 2 or 3 stars for example… WHY? Am I the only one who experiences this?

I am not sure, but I have the feeling that in the past at some point, the reviews also appeared on the BUYERS fiver page. But I cannot see any reviews on their page anymore. I also gave a negative review but it is not visible on that buyers page. Why? I think we, as sellers, we should also know who are we dealing with and we should see the feedback they got - I mean buyer`s feedback should be visible on their pages.

I just created 5 different video for a moron, my gig was for just ONE video, but i said…well, I will just help him and guess what, he gave me poor feedback and refused to pay as we discussed so he payed me less. How can you NOT be satisfied by a video considering that you basically SEE exactly the the same video in my presentation, that you are about to buy? Why do you buy it if you don`t like it?

I really think the buyers should have their feedback visible on their pages and I really think that a buyer should NOT have the possibility to cancel the order without sellers agreement even if the order is LATE. Because thieves sometimes do that on purpose, they bring the order into that point and make it LATE and than they cancel unilateral. What is this? really.

Most of my buyers are great and I am happy to have them! But these days were unproductive and I had some bad experiences in a very short period of time.

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Beware of the people who have recently signed up and behave odd.
I do get people like these but if I suspect something fishy, I don’t work for them or cancel the order.
I have to take the guess that this buyer is going to do something after the order.
They start it like, “show me a sample” or “I’ll only pay if I like it”, “Budget is low”. They will ask for modifications again and again.
For a smaller order, it is better to cancel it at this point. For larger ones, tell them to order the extras accordingly since this was not covered in the initial order and deliver the order.
If they leave a negative review then contact the support with the situation and proofs.

Try to trust your instincts.
I may lose a suspicious order but then I can sleep without worries.

Then there are also nice people who appreciate your work and tip you.

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There was something in the air the last few days. Maybe it’s Friday the 13th but I had a buyer who pushed the gig into being late, by asking for a revision at the last second, he didn’t even tell me what he didn’t like. Just said he would send it to his brother for review. He didn’t contact me then for nearly 24 hrs and I just contacted him to tell him if he agrees to mutual cancellation. He agreed. But that’s what he was after 100%. I just didn’t want to risk him smearing dirt all over my ratings…not worth

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