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Need help seller does not communicate at al


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I started a logo order with ***** after all his good reviews on how well the communication is and how professionally he works, although i think its just my luck that im that customer that gets looked over and he doesn’t care about.

The logo that he delivered was very plain and simple and within 2-3 hours after he started working on the logo. i have asked for a revision although just like before no answer at all.
i have contacted the resolution team several times with no response and contacted fiver through request know awaiting that as well.

i am wondering is it just me or are more people having annoying communication problems with sellers and the fiver team ?


Ashkan Maniei

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Hello! I have had a similar issue with ordering a gig that I was not one hundred percent happy with. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. I went ahead and approved the order, releasing the funds and requesting changes after the fact. One thing that will help put fire under an uncommunicative seller is that money speaks the loudest. If he doesn’t deliver the product you want, do not approve of the final product until it is to your liking. Those funds are not released, and that should get the seller’s attention. You also have the option of approving or rejecting the product a seller submits. Use this tool until you get exactly what you requested.

Good Luck!

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