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My 1 Year Successful JOURNEY On Fiverr


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Hello Viewers

Today I am going To show you my One Year Journey On Fiverr.
I heard about Fiverr 1 year ago from my Friend. He was selling service of word-press and he was making 500$ approximately/month. And he was paying his university Fee and all of other study expensive. I started visit Fiverr almost Every Day. I study Fiverr and Learn skills fro almost 1 month.
After that I created an account and started providing services of PHOTOSHOP. I got my first ORDER after 23 Days of Creating account. I was so happy because there were three ORDERS. OMG I can’t explain my feeling at that Time. I achieved LEVEL 1 in first month. After then I was getting ORDERS and I worked 2 month from that account. One Day I received a message from a Guy for the promotion of my account. When I visited the link he provided and it seems to look just Like Fiverr. So i start filling the Details he wants and after that my account was hacked. OMG that was the worst time for me. 😦
I report to Fiverr community and after 3 weeks my account was recovered but my Gigs were deleted.
When I again created Gigs then there is not good impression to my Gigs and I got no ORDERS so I decided to Do something else by creating New account.

So I made a new account by Deactivating previous account and I start selling services of Video. That account is going good for me by the Blessing of Almighty ALLLAH. HE blessed me a lot 🙂
I bought my first mobile and do shopping and its keep going 🙂

I am thankful to ALLAH and my friend for my success 🙂

This is my short Journey on Fiverr.
Thanks for Reading 🙂

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