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Payment request outside of Fiverr


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Hi there,

I have no idea whats going on here. All are fake buyers who are interested to free work. First they proposed me lots of money after that they proposed me they wants to pay me outside of fiverr.

Its really sad news. Last 4 hours I was talking with a buyer . He gave me the instruction how I have to work, When I understand clearly then we agree for 200usd.

When I asked him to order my gig, then he told me, he wants to pay me outside of Fiverr because he wants to help me.
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When I refused and sent him a custom offer , after that he is offline. He just wasted my 4 hours .

I dont know what to say . I am really getting frustrated because of this type of buyer.

Please fiverr Do something . We are wasting our time because of this type of buyer. We are here for work. And we want to work.


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As Fiverr’s terms of service you are not allowed to contact people outside of fiverr I think, I had such a request of my email address and I simply stated “However much I’d love to work with you outside of fiver unfortunately I can’t because It’s against Fiverr’s TOS.” That way you are staying friendly but have a good reason not to.

Here at Fiverr,
we emphasize protecting users by providing support and creating a lawful and equitable framework for transactions to take place. That is why users who wish to use our marketplace are bound by both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
We take pride in the excellent standard of customer support we provide both on Fiverr and on our official social networks, but like any other place where people conduct business, misunderstandings can happen.
Here are five things to note in order to establish working relationships between one another on Fiverr – without breaking the rules:

  1. If an issue arises from an order or exchange with a buyer or seller on Fiverr, please address this with our support team immediately.
  2. For your protection, any contact information exchanged in order to reach a buyer or seller outside of the Fiverr platform violates our Terms of Service.
  3. Events that occur outside of the Fiverr platform between buyers and sellers are not Fiverr’s responsibility.
  4. Fiverr reviews every purchase made through the platform to monitor and prevent fraudulent purchases or withdrawals.
  5. Our marketplace practices are designed to ensure site integrity, genuine feedback and adherence to our policies.

The most proactive thing you can do to protect yourself is to carefully review both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Doing so is the best way for you to help us help you.
Terms of Service - http://fiverr.com/terms_of_service
Privacy Policy - http://fiverr.com/privacy-policy

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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