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Abusive buyer is requesting cancellation after a complete product


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Hi, I have made a complete work using buyer description, however he failed to give me proper description and even though I have made changes he still doesn’t want to pay for it.
This is the first description as seen on my message with him:

" Lips with smoke and words cartoon. Can you do it and how many gigs"

And sent me attachments that corresponded to what I did for him.

Description he is giving now and asking me to do it:

“I need to smoke to be the same color as the words. I need the smoke to look .like it’s really blowing smoke out of a persons mouth that turns into words.”

And asked for “creativity” and sent other files that did not correspond to the original request, while being disrespectful.

I have spent time and energy on this and this and I did everything he asked, and now he wants to change the description and not pay for it.

As a seller I am obliged to accept cancellation even in these situations? I don’t want to go against the TOS but at the same time, since I did everything he asked for before he changed his mind, this is being unfair.

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Hello! As a seller and buyer on Fiverr.com I have had similar situations with cancellations. Luckily both parties have to agree to the terms of cancellation before it is official. I recommend that you do not accept the terms of cancellation and contact the support team to find out what your options are. If you have already reached out to your seller and they are being unreasonable and have rejected your submitted work without notes as to how to improve it, it may not be too late to contact support and see if they can mediate this situation. Remember as a Seller you are NOT obligated to accept the cancellation. Take the buyer’s suggestions for improvement under advisement, see if you can deliver what the buyer has specified and if this issue persists, reach out to support.

Good Luck!

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