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Hey everyone,

I’ve been getting a lot of customers/buyers lately that seem to not know the Fiverr buying process. I think new accounts and new buyers should be forced to go through a tutorial so that they know the appropriate steps to take through the buying process. I often get buyers who don’t submit gig requirements correctly and ultimately don’t know how or know what they are. I also get buyers that don’t mark orders as complete and continue to message me through the order after I deliver thinking that the process is done simply because I delivered. Although Fiverr automatically marks orders as complete after 3 days, it’s nice when a person marks their order done when it’s actually done because of course your funds get processed quicker.

Of course I’ve explained to buyers a handful of times the best I can about these various processes but it does get tiresome on my end. And I know some of the responsibility is on the buyer to pay attention to the text prompts that Fiverr gives before initiating orders and when orders are complete. However, I still think it’d be beneficial for buyers to be presented with a video tutorial upon signing up so they can see in real time various options they may be presented with throughout the buying process.

That’s my two cents based from recent experiences.

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