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Am I having a dry spell or is there something wrong?


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I did set up a few gigs, got some orders coming through, but since a week I’m only getting orders from the same person to just one gig.

So far I have a good grammar, I put much effort in creating good gig images and descriptions, I have lower rates than my competitors, I over-deliver, I used the right tags (or so I think), have great feedback, and not one single of them is a negative one. In contrast there are people delivering half the things I deliver for the same price, and even taking longer than I do. You can check all of this.

In the last 7 days I’ve got 236/42/91 impressions, 10/15/32 clicks, 19/21/70 views and 1/0/2 orders* but it doesn’t look like they’re converting.

Now, is this a dry spell or do I have something wrong with my gigs? From a buyer perspective how do my gigs look like to you? I’m good at criticizing other people’s gigs, much less my own.

Thank you for your help!

  • Referring to ‘English to Italian translation/Website loading time speed up/Fixing unlimited Wordpress issues’ respectively.
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