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How I Earned Level 2 Title


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Hello good people out there,
I will tell you today how keep moving actually helped me to overcome my frustration and helped me to earn level two. You can follow this as your outline towards successful selling.
So I was same as the other people here looking for my first order, editing my gigs, their tags, researching how other people’s gigs who are already successful.

And then within a week I got my first order and gave my best. Trust me, you do not want to create a negative impression in the first place. That buyer was so satisfied that he kept ordering. It is important that you prioritise your regular buyer because they are the one you can trust and have an easy communication. But searching for new buyers is equally important as you don’t really know when your regular buyer is going to back up.
And orders kept coming. I could then bid in ‘buyer requests’ which is the most effective way of making orders.

The major wrong decision I made was going in a vacation mode while orders were coming in a constant basis. I took a break to enjoy my semester break which I shouldn’t have. Few orders got cancelled leaving negative reviews. When I came back after two weeks, I found it tough to get orders again. So my suggestion is that, go to vacation mode when you can afford it. Do not pause when the momentum is constant or upward.

This failure actually helped. I optimized my gigs again, deleted the gigs that were not making orders focusing more into those I was interested and making money. And by doing so, I got my track back.

But what happened is, my way of becoming level two seller got kinda blocked as there were few negative reviews from order cancellation and the timeline got shortened. But I was still getting orders. Which means my level 1 title was not really a big deal. What matters is how much dedicated you are to satisfy your buyers, success will come along.

So this noon, I logged in and there it was! Level 2 seller message! I was super surprised as I was not counting on it anymore. I was doing my best because I enjoy what I do.

Now it may seem a bit contradictory as I mentioned earlier that my title did not matter and now I am happy because I’m entitled. The thing is, till now I am not making A LOT OF MONEY from fiverr. It just helps me to cover up my hang out expenses. But now I am looking forward to covering up my house rent from fiverr too and I believe being the level 2 seller will help me a lot. How? Let’s see. I will get back to you people with my another success story.

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