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Hi Guess what?


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Today we have stopped working on Fiverr.com

Its okay nothing bad happened, after nearly two years 100% rating level 2, it was time to call it a day. We are now going to get married, We will never forget, expecially since we will be wearing the proceeds from this adventure on our fingers for the rest of our lifes...

We wanted to thank everyone, expecially the Fiverr team - can't fault them one bit.

All the advise we could offer anyone is right here in the forum so we are not going to offer any in this thread lol.

so yeah that's it we had alot of fun, and late nights completing gigs.

learnt a hell of alot too.

gawd wish i could say more...im welling up here...gonna miss that exiting moment you get with a new order, and being creative.

All the Bestest : )



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This is fantastic! Congratulations! A true testament to the power of love, a positive attitude and a little help from fiverr!

I’m sure there was a way to make a gig out of your wedding too! lol! Maybe have the wedding party hold up business signs or write slogans on their hands! hahaha!

Best of luck!



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