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Buyer Request Response

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It would be great if we didn’t have to post a price or time frame when we respond to buyer requests due to the fact that many buyers can’t define yet what it is they want. Here is an example of a request I just saw:

“I need someone who can do voice over for a PPT presentation. Voice must be 100% U.S. accent, crisp, clear and modulated.”

There is now way I can quote a price or time frame. However, I have to submit both in order to respond to the request.

I would like to see a “more detailed info required” (or something to that effect) option instead of having to give a price and time frame.

I quoted something similar with notes saying I needed more info last week and the buyer ordered and said that I had quoted them a price.

Makes me a bit leery to want to respond to vague requests!

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