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My GIG is on Top But No Sell!

Guest asadullah72

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Guest asadullah72

Hi experience fiverr seller , I am new in fiverr. last week i have got 4 sell in 3 days and complete all them with 5 star. After that i didn’t get any single sell in last 8 days.

when my gig was on search result bottom, i got those sell, and now my gig on search result middle-top but no sell !!

I am professional email template designer. help me please…

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Asadullah, it might not be the main culprit, but a good, if not great description helps a lot. Your description is full of grammar mistakes, and there’s the weird letter-like format at the end. I mean the “kind regards” stuff. Also, why are you capitalizing words that shouldn’t be capitalized? Be clean and professional, don’t salute in job descriptions, make reading easier, don’t make it a pain. I have fixed your description so you can replace it or edit to your likes:

A successful email campaign isn’t possible without fresh coding an email template. Decreasing the inbox rate is totally responsible for bad design.

Features of the template:

“It is going to be supported on all platforms, all desktops, tablets and mobile clients”
» Hand coded responsive email templates.
» Unique designs.
» One time purchase, unlimited usage, for multiple purposes.
» Up to 5 FREE Revisions.
» Site related design.
» Professional looking.
» Social media icons added to the template for FREE.
» Hosted images and HTML code provided for FREE.

The templates I design are fully compatible on all browsers, platforms and major email clients.

For extra queries, send me a message, I will answer very soon!

Please read my gig description BEFORE ordering!

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