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How i become "MILLIONAIRE" in my country using Fiverr.com (REAL LIFE STORY)


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Guest wiseexperts

Very Inspirational story! If you or someone need Banners related to gig or whatever then I can facilitate as you said make your gig unique, so uniqueness reflected by gig cover.


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Yeah !! . When i type or do chating at normal stuff in my local languages thats my speed but when i have to type english then my speed is not 250 wpm . its 170 something because English is not my native language. But i can type without watching keyboard . My typing speeds increase due to practices or due to typing so much fast . all the keys are map in my mind so i dont have to see buttons where is A and where is b . !!! Hope now u get the answer 🙂

Thank you for reading the post and put your thoughts

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Hello Pintoo…

Iam Amit from India… Iam really really happy to know how Fiverr changed your life… iam being frank i know our countries do not have a very good relation but i guess we as Professionals should not mind that…

Trust me brother iam very happy for you … .and i hope i also become like you someday 🙂

Great work !


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Guest shahdesigns

Great to hear that.
I’ve been on fiverr since march and till now i’ve earned 1500$.
And i think this is more than enough for a starter.
Still a long way to go and i really appreciate how fiverr.com have changed lives of people like us.

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Sounds good !!!

Best of luck for your future here .

Its almost 7 and half month old post !!! I have achieved a new milestone this month . I am getting time to write a great post related to that . So will update you all people 🙂

Everything is enough we should thanks to Allah Almighty 🙂 for this blessing in the form of Fiverr.

Thanks for leaving your comment !!!

Cheers !!

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I can see how Fiverr is making a difference in your life. I did some research, it costs $529 a month to rent a furnished apartment in an expensive area in Karachi according to expatistan.com. And you’re only paying $1.98 for Marlboros, in America we pay $5-$7+ for those.

On the other hand, an iPod Nano costs you $452. I can buy that on Amazon for $100. $88 if I buy it used.

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Yeah you are saying Right . Huge different in the economy and Rates. 1$ = 105PKR something . Suggestion if you come to Pakistan you will be millionaire 🙂

What is know is fuel rates that is almost same same other. Electronics is also expensive here may be in your side cheaper but overall huge difference .

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Thank you so much brother !. I have achieved a new milestone now thats a 7 month old post . I don’t get a time to write a detail post about my next milestone .I will write about my next milestone soon.

I am same like you . I just completed my bachelor degree 7 months ago. I’m full time fiverrian now. Thats why i achieved second milestone in 7 months .
I am also thinking something else also . Because last two month was very slow at fiverr. June was only 1545$ and may was 1975$

You are writer and doing great hard work here . Why not your try to write short books related to any niches may be it can be your side income ???

I am also thinking of making a course on wordpress development . Lets see what will happend next . Bes of Luck for you 🙂

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