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Quick question about "money earned" status


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Hi everyone, first of all my apology for the poor english. Ill make this as simple as i can.
I joined fiverr 24days ago and bussiness has started growing in the last 2 weeks. In my earliest orders i noticed that the status “order completed, you earned ***$” not equal to the actual price of the order.
For example: Ive done an order that worth 40$ and the customer tipped 20$ more, but the status (in the green bar) says “order completed, you earned 48$”.
Also in dashboard, the “earned this month” status missed 20$. Its not equal to the total price of thoses orders thats started in november.
But in manage sale, in the completed session, the “total” colum still stay correct.
And for the record all of these orders is fine, customers happy, im happy, delivered on time and things were going ok.
Is this something that i should worry about? Is there any chance that fiverr took the money for i did something wrong? Im pretty new to fiverr and some stuffs are still confusing me.

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