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Unable to add Facebook & Google account


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Well, I don’t know about the social media issue. I do need to give you a serious heads-up. Having 2 accounts is strictly against the rules.

Edit: User does not appear to have 2 accounts. Misunderstood and removed. Instructions for what to do if a user does create 2 accounts is being left in place below for other users:

Your best chance of saving 1 account is to contact Customer Service right away now that you’ve posted this publicly. Tell CS which account you want to keep, apologize for the violation and ask them if they will close the second account. The information you’ve posted is on backup, so just editing your post is not enough. Feel free to post again if you have questions.

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I have only one Fiverr account.
I am talking about that my profile complete progress was 80% due to not connecting google and facebook account.
I am asking about that.not about other Fiverr account?
Here is I am adding screen shots that what I am actually want to ask?
tell me is this against the TOS?

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