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I just made Level 2, Fiverr Gave Me My Confidence Back!


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I just got my Level 2 status, and I’m so glad I took a chance on this opportunity!

I joined Fiverr as a “oh-what-the-heck” moment when I was working FT at a job that made my life a living-hell. I needed a positive distraction! I got my first order within 48 hours on the one Gig that I had initially posted. I was completely surprised!

When I was fired unexpected from my FT job about 2 weeks later, I was devastated and had lost all confidence in myself. I knew I was a hard worker, but what did I have to show for myself being unemployed? I kept up with my Fiverr to keep myself busy while I looked for another job.

About 6 months later, and I am working at a great FT job and moving my way up at Fiverr! 🙂 I have "regulars’ who make work a joy! I feel so blessed to have a job where I am helping other small business owners!

Fiverr is only a supplement for me, but that’s been super helpful and I’m happy to be building my portfolio and making connections.

I just wanted to say to any newcomers to stick with it, or YES to taking a chance on opening your Seller account. Even if you are not a Super Seller, you can still do amazing things!

xoxo Leigh_media

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