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That’s really not how tips work. You’re going to have a very tough time getting it back. Your options off the top of my head are to request that the whole sale be canceled–unless you got a tip gig, in which case you request that be canceled instead. If your buyer declines, then you’re left with customer support, but I can’t see that going so much better.

I think you need to accept that the tip was, in fact, fine. You will look miserly taking any other course of action.

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Out of curiosity how does one leave a tip that one feels is “too excessive?”

Please tell me or I’ll be unable to sleep tonight not knowing how this happened.

The grander the story the better. EG. I have a pet monkey called Francis, who is usually really well behaved…BUT whilst I was completing the order and leaving the seller 5 star feedback, Francis leapt up onto my desk, onto the keyboard, typed in $50, then pressed the button that said “tip seller.” (for example)

I’m sure that in all seriousness you can request the tip back by contacting customer support and telling them about your monkey, but oh that’s just a wee little bit morally questionable. I would personally just reprimand the monkey to ensure it will never happen again and let the seller keep their tip.

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