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Is there people buying scan artwork (discussion)


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Hello there,

Is there people buying a scan artwork? because I’m really good at drawing but I can’t afford to buy an Graphic tablet to create digital drawings. Do you think I can sell my drawings here? like I’ll just scan it from a piece of paper then upload the photo. I’m new to fiverr so please give me some tips on what to sell or what can I do to increase my sales, so I can invest my money to buy a graphic tablet 🙂 Thank you guys, and have a nice day!

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Yes, there are. In fact, I personally bought a piece of scanned artwork a few months ago.

If your work is entirely in black and white, I’d suggest using a grey-tone scanner. Obviously, you’ll need to use a colour scanner for colour work.

Indicate the size of the actual picture in your gig description. For example, if you draw on a sketchpad that’s 9x12", say so. That will give the buyer an idea of whether your wares might be what he or she is looking for. (When I draw illustrations for my e-books, I draw on 9x12", and then reduce the size after scanning. You never want to be in a position where you need to enlarge a scan, if you can avoid it.)

You’ll probably want to offer JPG as your basic file type.

For your initial portfolio, you can submit three files. I’d suggest you take full advantage of that by artistically arranging several of your drawings on a plain background (a towel or bedsheet, perhaps?) and taking a picture of them. That way, you can show more than three pictures in one or two of the files. Include a paper with your name, logo, or avatar in the montage, to demonstrate that it’s yours and to discourage less-honest sellers from stealing it.

Use an actual scan of one of your pictures for at least one of the files, to show exactly what your buyer can expect. In fact, you could add a note on the scanned picture. Let’s say, for example, that you offer a gig in which you draw cartoon-style cats. The basic order is for a single cat, drawn in pencil and black ink. Also, you offer a $10 extra in which you colour the single cat with watercolour pencils. Draw a single cat, and scan the picture at the line drawing stage, and then again at the colour stage. Open each of these scans in something like MS Paint (or whatever the Apple or Android equivalent is). Use the text tool to type in something like, “This is an example of my $5 gig,” on the line drawing, and, “This is an example of my gig with the $10 watercolour pencil extra.” It would make it very clear to your buyers, what they’d be getting for their money, and it might prevent some of the strange problems that other people have reported with unrealistic expectations.

When you buy your Graphic tablet, be prepared to practice on it before switching over your gigs. There are some differences between using a tablet and using traditional media.

Does that help at all?

Good luck!

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Of course you can. It just depends on how good of quality scan is. Not all drawings will scan well, it depends on the medium that you are using. But sure go ahead and scan in a few samples. Then people will know they are getting what they are seeing.

Also, it might be a good thing, because everyone does things digitally and tries to pretend they really did draw it, so if you really do this, then that is good, some people want true original drawing work.

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