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Missed a lot of things on Fiverr app


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Hi Sellers and Buyers. I am mentioning a list for changes in fiverr app, or what is being missed to add.

  1. Sometimes, I need to look at the buyer’s profile, when I’m sending requests in Buyers requests panel. But I can’t.1

  2. Whenever there is a new notification or Inbox, your mobile does not rings. You need to visit app again and again.

  3. Sometimes its doesn’t shows you with green signal, it shows you with offline mode.

  4. Your send messages are invisible few times, your send offer for gig are not shown up in conversation panel.

  5. Forum is also missing in app, whereas blog exists.

I need to have these updates, not for me, but for all on fiverr, as it sometimes creates misunderstanding. I send same messages twice or thrice many a times. Don’t know whether same happens with you or not. May be yes.

Please If any thing in the list is missed by me, make me remember.


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