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Customer support nowadays


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My problem with with CS started when I had noticed that my Delivery on time counter has been stuck to 89% for 3 weeks. I had raised a ticket regarding this issue. After 3 days I have received I response from Val in which he told me that he has reloaded the stats. Nothing has changed so I told him that since my last late delivery, when the delivery on time counter became 89%, have passed 4 weeks with more than 40 on time deliveries and not one being late. Val response was quick, telling me that my last late delivery was 3 weeks ago and not 4 as I mentioned, but not a word about my problem. Then I made some calculations in which I showed him that my rate should be at 92% and not 89%. Since he could not argue with math he told me that there is indeed a problem and that he will send my ticket to the technical department from where I will receive updates and a solution. 1 week has passed in which I had sent 4 messages asking for updates without receiving any message from CS. I had wrote on their facebook page, as everybody does, but nothing happened. 0 updates, 0 solutions, 0 CS.

I would have never believed that CS could act so unprofessional and not with some of their best sellers. The most frustrating thing is that every time I raise a ticket I feel like I’m going in court to prove my innocence even though I’m the victim.

I know that I’m not the only one who had this problem with CS and that is my reason for sharing this with you.

Best Regards,

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