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BEWARE! Messages sent on app do not always appear on browser [PC/Mac]


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We had an issue with a buyer a few days ago regarding the revision of a design. While the buyer argued that we did not reply her messages, we were sure that we did not receive any messages from her

We provided her with screenshot and contacted support staff showing the same, but she sent a screenshot from her mobile too, it included the message she sent [but does not appear on PC browser]

As we understood the facts, we resolved the issue and reported it to the support [no response received yet though, might they are super busy]

Today, it happened again. A buyer left a negative comment saying that we did not respond to her revision request and we checked the order and we could not see any message from him, and sent screenshot to prove that, but he was arguing he sent the message for modification, 5 days ago. To find the fact, logged into the app on mobile and now we see the message from the buyer

How can we resolve this? Anybody has similar experience?



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