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A Newbie's guide to getting more sales by Fiverr itself and Social Media


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I am writing this guide to help Newbie sellers and already established sellers to get their first sale and then skyrocket to the top and regulary get orders.

First of all, as a newbie, there is a lot of competition on Fiverr and a lot of sellers quit, without trying to promote themselves outside of Fiverr. If in the past just creating a gig worked, times have changed. You need to be more creative! In a few steps, i will try to guide you how to get started!

  1. Make sure you have a video for your gig
  • Videos are very important, both for Fiverr and buyers. When you have a video, the buyer has more trust about you. The best way to make a video is to record yourself so that people can see that you are actually a real person and not someone random offering something that actually can’t complete. You can also use a video creation software, but still i’d recommend that you make a video of YOURSELF on a HD camcorder. If you don’t have it, you can use a normal camera, it will still work. 🙂
  1. Make a good gig description
  • This is the part where a lot of people become lazy… Your gig needs to have a detailed description explaining exactly what and how you will do, what will you provide and when will you deliver. Use the BOLD, HIGHLIGHT and ITALIC text formatting to separate the important words or paragraphs so that they can catch the buyer’s attention. This will help you make a conversion (sale), no matter if the seller comes from Fiverr’s search or outside.
  1. Promote on Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • A lot of sellers create their gigs and simply wait for Fiverr to rank them, well it doesn’t work for everyone. DO NOT QUIT! Even if you are not ranked to Fiverr and you can’t find your gig on search, it’s not an end of the world. You should take a cup of coffee, make an advertisement for your services and then start posting.
    Post the link of your gigs to your Facebook Wall, to your personal profile, to your fan pages. Use the Facebook chat to ask your friends that might be interested in the service you offer to tell them and explain them what will you do. Tweet your gig on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest. Try to increase your followers on Social Media by using legit ways and interacting with people from your niche. Repeat the process every few hours, days, weeks.
  1. Ask your buyer for a feedback and offer a bonus, free gig or anything you can do to help the buyer so that they are satisfied
  • What i did when i got the first few sales, i offered my buyer another gig for free… Of course the buyer agreed! Everyone loves free stuff, no matter what it is! I did that and BAM - the buyer was so happy and they left 5 stars and a great feedback! After a few hours, i got another sale from another buyer, i offered a bonus to the buyer and asked if they can leave a positive rating later. After i delivered the buyer was so happy and he ordered another gig. Always be polite, over-deliver if the buyer agrees, ask if they want any bonuses. This helps a lot to make the buyer buy your gigs again and leave positive feedback for you.
  1. Deliver ahead of time, never be late as it may result to less sales and bad rating
  • You should always deliver your order on time, do not wait for the extra 24 hours for late delivery, as this affects your gig ratings, you are not delivering as promised and there is a high risk that you will get a negative feedback. When a newbie gets a negative feedback, it’s really really bad and if you are not that creative, you are out of the game. ALWAYS BE ON TIME!

I consider the five steps above the most important ones for newbies, however they are more, but this should help a lot of newbies realize how Fiverr works.
Pretend that those five steps are the rules that you should follow to win the “Fiverr Game”. After that, when you reach a certain level, you get more features and it gets easier and easier to attract more buyers and you will get recommendations from buyers to another buyers that might be interested in your gig. A lot of buyers that are on Fiverr for a few years have connections and they will be more than happy to share their experience with their Fiverr friends that need the service you offer.

Again i hope that this will help newbies and maybe already existing sellers on Fiverr. Everyone feel free to share more tips and experience. I am also open to questions, feel free to message me and i will do my best to help you! 🙂

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