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Is it possible to block a buyer?


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hello, I have almost 200 positive reviews and all my buyers have always been super happy and very nice to deal with, however I have now a buyer who already ordered 3 gigs , he only orders the basic gig and then he is super picky. The last gig he order is a gig where I place a logo of the buyer over a hot air balloon in a video, the balloon is white, obviously it’s white in my preview video and it’s the same in the other videos of my previous works in my portfolio, however after I delivered he said he didn’t like the color of the balloon and he wasn’t happy, i offerend a refund, but in the end he still posted a positive review, I asked him to please not order from me again and went to look for a way of blocking him but I couldn’t find it, and now he ordered another gig! I have 100% positive review and I don’t want to risk it, not to mention working for this guy is not worth the time as he is very picky and also speaks english very badly. Isn’t there a way of blocking unwanted buyers? thank you!

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