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Best way to handle unhappy buyer?


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I generally have great luck with my buyers. For the most part, they are extremely happy with my work and usually leave me great reviews. In fact, I have all 5-star reviews so far… But I had one guy last week that was just not happy with my work. It happens - sometimes you just aren’t someone’s cup of tea.

Unfortunately, he has placed four different orders with me, so this could be a bloodbath if he gives me a negative review on each of them. I have offered him a sincere apology and a complete refund, but if I do refund his money, can he STILL come back and leave negative feedback on me? I’m kind of waiting to see what he’s going to do before I issue the refund. To me, you either get a refund or a rant-fest - it doesn’t seem fair if you get a refund AND leave negative feedback also.

All four of the orders are now marked complete if that makes a difference. I don’t think it does because I have had buyers leave positive feedback on completed orders.

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